Any sale of any horse advertised on this website will be subject to a separate written sale agreement. In the event of any conflict between this website and such sale agreement, the sale agreement will control.

1.              What HJ Sporthorses, LLC. Does

HJ Sporthorses, LLC., (“HJS”) serves as an American point of contact for the sale of sporthorses located in Germany.  HJS’s trusted German contacts provide it with information about quality sporthorses available for sale in Germany and HJS then makes that information available to prospective U.S. buyers via HJS’s website.  Although HJS makes every reasonable effort to present accurate information on its website, HJS does not own or have possession of any of the sale horses and, therefore, must rely upon information provided by HJS’s German contacts. Accordingly, HJS cannot make any guarantees or offer any warranties about the horses presented on its website.

As the American point of contact for the horses available on this website, HJS can assist prospective purchasers in obtaining further information about such horses, arranging for in-person viewings and test rides and contacting veterinarians to arrange for pre-purchase examinations.  Once a buyer has made the decision to purchase a horse, HJS can assist the buyer in making payment, transportation, and quarantine arrangements.

2.              Horse Sale Prices and Commissions

Because the horses featured on this website are located in Germany, all purchase prices are stated in Euros.  If a buyer ultimately purchases a horse for which HJS has served as the buyer’s American point of contact, the buyer will be responsible for paying a 20% commission (included in quoted price), which will be divided evenly between HJS and its German point of contact.  Commissions are also paid in Euros.  To ensure transparency, the buyer will pay the purchase price of the horse directly to the horse’s owner(s).  Other than the commission paid directly by the buyer to HJS, HJS will not receive any other compensation from anyone in connection with the buyer’s purchase. 

The purchase prices quoted on this website are solely for the price of the horse and do not include transportation, quarantine, pre-purchase veterinary examinations, or any other expense associated with the purchase.  

2.              Information Accuracy

HJS strives to present accurate information about the horses on this website.  However, HJS is not responsible for typographical or clerical errors, and HJS cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information on this website. Accordingly, HJS strongly encourages all prospective buyers to contact HJS about any horse of interest, and HJS can obtain further information and documentation via its German point of contact.  HJS also strongly recommends that all prospective buyers view and try horses with their trainers before buying, as well as obtain a thorough veterinary pre-purchase examination and review the results with their local veterinarian.   As noted, all horse heights on this website are estimates only, and accordingly, HJS strongly recommends that any buyer who considers height to be important have a veterinarian verify the horse’s exact height as part of a thorough pre-purchase veterinary examination.  All pre-purchase expenses, including those associated with viewing, trying and vetting horses, are solely the prospective buyer’s responsibility, regardless of outcome.


 Effective as of March 1, 2018, the above conditions shall apply.


HJ Sporthorses, LLC. Bill of Sale

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